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Bringing Your Horses to the USA with Care
Worldwide export and quarantine of horses
Complete support from stable to stable is what Horses2fly stands for. We provide worldwide export and quarantine of horses, from pre-screening to transport in the country of arrival. With Horses2fly, your horses are in professional and reliable hands. Our decades of experience in export and veterinary care guarantees the best service for you and your horse. We are dedicated to bringing your horses home to the USA with care.

Horses2fly takes care of everything concerning the export of your horses. We arrange international transport over land and air and carry out the required veterinary examinations and screenings. We arrange all the necessary paperwork, such as customs and insurance documents, and if required we also take care of the quarantine. Horses2fly offers a complete service.



Every horse and every transport is different. This requires tailor-made approaches, short lines of communication and flexibility. At Horses2fly, we listen carefully to your needs and requirements.

24/7 vet present

Horse Quarantine

At Horses2fly, we offer an all-inclusive horse-quarantine process. When your horse goes to a destination that requires horse-quarantine, it is possible to stable it at our facilities in constant supervision of our 24/7 certified veterinarian.

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Our accommodations

Virtually every country requires an isolation period before horses are allowed to be transported. Examples of countries that require an isolation period are Pakistan, Mexico, and Taiwan. Horses2fly has 70 isolated horse stables, divided into 8 compartments.


Horse Transport

Horses2fly offers horse transport all around the world. We provide export and import of horses with our stable to-stable principle. Horse welfare is our top priority, thatโ€™s why we have our own exclusive horse trucks.

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best care for your horses
Horses2Fly offers
Proffesional quarantine

We provide worldwide export and quarantine of horses. Your horses are in professional and reliable hands.

24/7 veterinary supervision

Our decades of experienced veterinary care guarantee the best service for you and your horse.


Your horse is under constant supervision of Pascale who is a certified veterinarian in case of any concern.

Transport seller to buyer

We take care for horse transport all around the world. We provide export and import of horses with our stable to-stable principle.

Paperwork of customs/flight

At every step, there is always someone from Horses2fly present to ensure a flawless process.

Request a quote

Please do not hesitate to request a quote. Our people will get in touch with you promptly after the request.

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Your questions, our answers.
  • What does it cost?
    Because we deliver tailor-made solutions for each customer and each horse, also each transport has its own costs. If you are curious about our charges, please fill in our form so we can send you a complete quote as soon as possible.
  • I have a mare thatโ€™s in-foal that I want to fly, whatโ€™s the latest she can go?
    It must be taken into account that transport entails an increased risk for every pregnant mare. It depends on how long the quarantine is, but Horses2fly doesnโ€™t fly pregnant mares over 280 days pregnant.
  • Does my horse gets food and water during the flight?
    Yes, we always give our horses hay and water during the whole trip until landing, over road and in the air.
  • How long does it takes to get my horse at my stable?
    First every horse has to be tested for multiple diseases, this is called the pre-screening. After receiving the results we can schedule your horse for a flight. For some countries a pre-export and post-export quarantine is required, this can differ per country. If you want to know how long it takes to receive your horse, please donโ€™t hesitate to contact the sales department.
  • Can I get updates about my horse during the flight?
    During the quarantine, the trip and until landed, we inform our customers about the well-being of their horses by sending updates, videos and pictures.

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