The Cappa

About the company
International Horse Transport Company
We are Alex Nijboer and Pascale Drijfhout. Together we started our horse transport company Horses2fly. Bringing our passion together, Alex with a lot of experience with the export of animals and Pascale as a certified equine veterinarian.

Alex Nijboer has more than 10 years of experience in exporting animals over a large part of the world. Pascale Drijfhout is 19 years equine veterinarian, Pascale also completed a number of management positions at Group Horse North and the Royal Friesian Horse Studbook.

Our farm is located in the Northern part of The Netherlands, Friesland. Our transport company holds 20 hectares and the landscape in the surroundings is part of a nature reserve.

The Cappa

Spacious and well-equipped facilities at your disposal.

• Wide and large quarantine stables
• All-weather arena and indoor walker
• Meadows and Paddocks
• Shower and grooming area
• Guest House
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best care for your horses
Horses2Fly offers
Proffessional quarantine

We provide worldwide export and quarantine of horses. Your horses are in professional and reliable hands.

24/7 veterinary supervision

Our decades of experience veterinary care guarantee the best service for you and your horse.


Your horse is in constant supervision of a certified veterinarian, ready for any issue or concern.

Transport seller to buyer

We take care of horse-transport all around the world. We provide exporting and importing of horses with our stable-to-stable service.

Paperwork of customs/flight

During the whole procedure, there is always someone from Horses2fly present to ensure a flawless procedure.

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