Horse Quarantine

At Horses2fly we offer an all-inclusive horse-quarantine process. When your horse goes to a destination that requires horse-quarantine, it is possible to stable it at our facilities. This allows us to keep your horse in constant supervision of Pascale who is a certified veterinarian in case of any discrepancy.

Our Horse-Quarantine process includes:

  • Pre-screening

  • Pre-export horse quarantine

  • Quarantine stables

  • Quarantine at the country of destination ( when needed)

  • Working together with the Dutch Food & Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA)

  • Pre-Screening

    We also carry out a pre-screening process before your horse starts the isolation period or pre-export quarantine. During this process, the horses are tested in order to guarantee a free-disease quarantine period. This helps ensure that the horses are free of any diseases before and during the quarantine.

    Pre-export horse quarantine

    Our property offers 70 isolated spacious horse stalls, divided into 8 compartments which are certified for all types of horse-quarantine. The stalls are covered with straw and the horses are foreseen with unlimited hay and pellets twice a day. The horses get enough exercise and movement using paddocks and our indoor-walker. If necessary, we also have our out-door arena at service for the training of sport horses during and after the horse-quarantine.

    Before the horses are transported to the country of the destination, they are groomed and trimmed. We also facilitate farrier services if needed, this has to be agreed on the demands of the customer. We also ensure that the horses properly reach the new owner. When necessary, quarantine is also arranged in the country of destination.

    We also work together with the NVWA (Dutch Food & Consumer Product Safety Authority) who is in charge of certificating the horses before departure.