Horses2fly cares for horse-transport all around the world. We provide export and import of horses with our stable to-stable principle.

  • Air and ground transportation

  • Transport to our stable

  • Transport to the airport

  • Horse Flight

  • Transport in the country of arrival to the final destination

  • Horse welfare is our top priority, that’s why we have our own and exclusive horse trucks. Our trucks are foreseen with the best commodities for your horse to ensure they have the most comfortable trip during all the ground transportation process.

    At the airport, there is always someone present with the loading of the horses and checking all the required documents. Animal welfare is our top priority, so the horses are guided before, during and after the flight by certified grooms employed by Horses2fly to ensure the well-being of the horses at all times.


    Horses from abroad will arrive with a health certificate from the country of origin. These certificates are checked at the airport by the NVWA, after that the horses are going through the customs check. Finally, the horse will be transported to its final destination with the related papers. During the whole procedure, there is always someone from Horses2fly present to ensure a flawless procedure.


    Horses2fly provides worldwide export of horses. We fly the horses from Schiphol (Amsterdam), Luik, Luxembourg and Frankfurt. For every horse, we arrange the required veterinary examinations and screenings. Furthermore, we arrange for the necessary paperwork such as customs and insurance documents and we will take care of the quarantine whenever required.

    Horses2fly always uses qualified grooms, they take care of the horses during the flight by foreseeing them with enough water, hay, and attention. Our grooms have the knowledge and experience required to get the horses in excellent condition at the place of destination.

    At the airport, there is always someone from Horses2fly to load the horses and check the documents.

    Road transport

    Horses2fly arranges all national and international road transport. For this horse transport, we have our deluxe trucks at your service. Horses2fly has its own fleet of trucks which are equipped with all the requirements needed for short and long- road transport. We also have a professional and certified driver who has many years of experience.


    If you are looking for insurance for the transport of your horse you can directly contact Catherine de Buyl Horse Insurance.