Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Horses2fly 2021

2. General
  • 1.1

    Our conditions and performance are governed exclusively by these terms. Deviations can only be agreed in writing with us.

  • 1.2

    Complaints should be received within seven days of arrival date of your horse(s). When there is no written complaint received, Horses2fly may assume that the performed services are done properly.

    Complaints not notified within 7 days are legally unfounded.

  • 2. Performance of the service
    • 2.1

      Performance which Horses2fly have committed, such as transport and the quarantine of the horse(s) and arranging health papers provided by Horses2fly or cooperating competitors to the customers.

    • 3. Responsibility
      • 3.1

        The horses are carried at the owner’s risk during the quarantine and travel.

      • 3.2

        Horses2fly takes care of the horses, but isn’t responsible for any risks.

      • 3.3

        Horses2fly is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal property.

      • 4. Insurance
        • 4.1

          Horses are in quarantine and travel at owners risk. Horses can be insured in agreement with the owner. If you wish to insure your horse(s), Horses2fly can assist you to get your horse(s) insured.

        • 5. Payment terms
          • 5.1

            Payment must be done before the flight of the horse(s).

          • 5.2

            Payment must be made at least 24 hours before the flight in order to transport the horse.

          • 6. Supplying horses
            • 6.1

              All horses older then 6 months, must be correctly vaccinated against Equine Influenza. We recommend that the most recent shot has been given more than 14 days before the horses enter our facility for isolation/quarantine or have to be exported.

            • 6.2

              All horses must be properly dewormed before they enter the quarantine.

            • 6.3

              Original passports must accompany the horses at all times.

            • 7. Cancellation policy
              • 7.1

                Cancelations between 72 and 96 hours before the flight departure results in a 50% cancelation fee. All cancelations between 72 hours or less will result in a 100% cancellation fee.

              • 8. COVID-19
                • 8.1

                  Due to COVID-19 changes in logistics processes can be expected. Delays and cancellation of flights/vessels/trucks might occur. Rates can fluctuate on an hourly basis. If the flight cannot proceed for any reason, the costs for the quarantine/stabling in Jistrum, the testing and other costs are for the applicant.

                  Horses2fly is not responsible for any costs due to COVID-19